CNC Brisbane

CNC Machining Brisbane, engineering and metal services


Brisbane businesses are increasingly looking to the industrial and agricultural hub of Toowoomba for their manufacturing needs.  As a supplier of advanced machining and metal services, C&C has helped a number of Brisbane companies come to engineering CNC solutions. 



CNC Machining Brisbane


C&C is proud to have worked with a number of world-class Brisbane companies:

Milmeq are a world class supplier of industrial food processing, materials handling and refrigeration equipment.  They have offices in Brisbane, Dunedin, Auckland.  C&C has worked with Milmeq's Brisbane branch to help enhance their manufacture of plate freezers and frozen goods handling equipment.  We have added our expertise in machining production to ensure that their products remain of the highest quality.

Urban Art Projects are an innovative company that create amazing sculptures and architectural installations for public spaces. They have offices in Brisbane, Shanghai and New York.  C&C have collaborated with UAP's Brisbane office to help produce CNC machined parts for some of their projects.

A Sign Design are a Brisbane based company that design signage solutions from conception to installation.  They work with leading customers from Australia and worldwide to produce high-end signs using the latest manufacturing and display technologies.  Presentation is everything in this field which suits C&C's commitment to precision and quality.