Echidna Gear Pumps

Robust Positive displacement gear pumps for liquid transfer, factory process pumping, viscous fluids with particulates.

Gear pumps

ECHIDNA Gear Pumps


The tough solution for high-volume pumping of viscous fluids like tallow, sludge, bitumen, glue, waste, oil, molasses, feed-mix, resin etc.

Large capacity positive displacement pumps suitable for liquid transfer, factory process pumping and lubrication duties in corrosive and abrasive environments.


For more than 20 years Echidna Pumps have been used for bulk liquid transfer around Australia.  In that time they have developed a loyal following in the trucking of molasses and feedlot supplement.  Why? Because they work:  High-flow, cost effective and durable with a ready supply of aftermarket options and replacement parts.

Echidna Pumps are a popular replacement upgrade for older AJAX pumps. 

C&C offer a range of custom options for these heavy-duty pumps - portable skids, electric drives, torque-limiting clutches and a range of seal and packing types. 


We will custom build a pump to suit your application



Molasses pumps for bulk transport

Molasses pumps for bulk transport

Constant-pressure grease reservoir for seals in harsh environments

Constant-pressure grease reservoir for seals in harsh environments

Portable pump station with 3 phase power, 15kw Motor and Variable Frequency Drive

Portable pump station with 3 phase power, 15kw Motor and Variable Frequency Drive

Pumping molasses isn't easy...

The liquid transport industry requires high flow rates and reliability.  Other pumps on the market quickly fail when used to pump Molasses-based supplement mix.  Highly viscous, corrosive and abrasive mixtures are terrible for operational lifespan so Echidna have specialized pumps for the demands of bulk liquid haulage.  Echidna combines high flow rate with reliability and cheaper replacement servicing.

Echidna Pumps are over-engineered for demanding applications:  molasses-based feed supplements, bitumen, tallow, resin, food bi-products, oils, sludge, adhesives, and other high-viscosity fluids that might contain impurities and abrasives.  Unlike most bitumen pumps, Echidna's unique lobe design can easily handle foreign objects that are commonly found in supplement feed mix.

The latest generation of Echidna pumps have significant improvements, but are still compatible with older designs.  They now feature large external bearings, stronger seals, improved durability and simpler servicing.  Existing customers can use new parts to upgrade older pumps.

  • Manufactured in Australia for improved quality control

  • Service exchange and aftermarket support

  • Large size and high flow rates

  • Seal and packing options for different applications

  • Guaranteed parts availability

  • Easy DIY service

  • Increased operational life-span in corrosive and abrasive conditions (when compared to similar pumps)


Gear Pump Specifications

FLANGE: 80mm Table D (roughly 3" inlet/outlet)

SHAFT: 1 1/4" dia. with 5/16" key

DELIVERY: 2.2L/rev

Echidna pump disassembly

Power vs Temperature

Power @ 0m head

Power @ 1m head

Power @ 5m head