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Brisbane, Toowoomba, Dalby Engineering, CNC and manufacturing expertise for Australian business for over 30 years

Engineering and CNC Machining for Toowoomba, Dalby, Brisbane and Australia for over 30 years



CNC Machining

Prototype Engineering and CAD

Industrial Pump Design & Manufacture

Industrial Gearbox Rebuilds

Heavy Machining

Welding and Fabrication

Tractor Axle Modification



The business commenced operation in the regional hub of Toowoomba in 1982 as Tasweld (Technical And Special WELDing) Engineering.

In July 2008, Tasweld Engineering changed its name to C&C Machining & Engineering to reflect changes in the type of work being undertaken; CNC and general machining being the primary focus, with welding still playing a vital role.  

The business has continued to expand and improve services while gaining a reputation for high precision, accurate lead times and experience.  By pursuing productivity gains over time, we have been able to reduce costs for our customers which has lead to work with a variety of businesses located in Brisbane, Toowomba, Dalby, and further afield from Central and Northern Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.  

Our costs have remained competitive over the years but with recent productivity improvements and a lower exchange rate, we are becoming increasingly competitive with overseas manufacturers which has lead to increased responsibility from a couple of our international clients. We are constantly looking to pass on cost-saving measures to our customers.  

We now operate eight industrial CNC machines and a fully-equipped machine shop covering the range from small bar work to large single component machining.  We can meet a wide range of general engineering, maintenance and production challenges.

C&C Machining & Engineering is located in the Toowoomba (Wilsonton) industrial estate at 2 Orford Court, QLD, Australia.


For over 30 years, C&C has built strong relationships with small to large businesses across Australia