Utilities & Infrastructure

Toowoomba Engineered Parts and assemblies to support energy, waste and water services providers 

Engineering Toowoomba

Machining For Australia's Utilities Sectors

C&C has serviced Australia's utilities sector for decades. We have gathered a wealth of experience that allows us to confidently diagnose and repair problems with large parts used in energy, water and waste water.

Coal and Gas Powered Stations 

We understand the unique needs of coal power stations and service a wide range of needs such as heavy machining and large gearbox rebuilds. 

Machining a large impeller made from Duplex Stainless

Machining a large impeller made from Duplex Stainless

C&C Machined the oval stainless steel bushes used in this tidal turbine

Heavy Machining

Large turbines, impellers and gearboxes need special equipment and knowledge. C&C has the facilities and experience to handle the kind of heavy equipment that large-scale infrastructure requires.


C&C has an active interest in renewable power generation.  We supply parts for commercial-scale renewable power generation, including parts for hydroelectric, wind, solar, and tidal.