Toowoomba Machined Tractor parts. Tractor Axle Extensions and Equipment Modification for Controlled Traffic Farming

C&C Tractor Modification

Engineering Services for Agribusiness

C&C has a strong connection with the agricultural manufacturing industry.  We work closely with equipment producers, dealers, innovators and technology leaders, but also directly with farmers.  

Parts Manufacture

From machined castings to fabricated parts.  We design, manufacture and assemble for Australia's agribusiness sector.

John Deere Axle Extension
Modified heavy-duty John Deere axle

Modified heavy-duty John Deere axle

Experienced Design

C&C has decades of experience engineering modifications for Tractors, Headers, Pickers and other equipment.  We apply the latest computer aided design software to engineering challenges.

Heavy Axle Specialists

Our axle modifications and wheel spacers are trusted by dealers and farmers across Australia and internationally.  Click here to find out more.