Biotech, Food, Chemical Processing

Toowoomba CNC Machined Stainless Steels and Plastics for Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Chemical processing Industries


Parts for Food, Chemical and Processing Industries

C&C makes parts for industries that rely on clean surfaces, high finish and strict quality assurance.  Whether it's chemical-resistant plastics or marine grade stainless steel, we have it covered.

Special Stainless Steels

Knowledge is crucial to getting optimal results with some materials.  Stainless steel is widely used in the food and chemical industries for its unique properties but it can be challenging to get a good finish - vital for food-grade manufacturing.

Polished stainless steel ball-valves

Polished stainless steel ball-valves

Heavy duty gear pumps made in-house

Heavy duty gear pumps made in-house

Materials and Surfaces

We have a vast knowledge of materials and properties and apply that knowledge to manufacturing for chemical processing industries where material selection and surface finish treatment is vital.  

Pump Design and Manufacture

C&C produces parts for the pumping industry, including our own range of heavy-duty gear pumps suitable for pumping viscous fluids.  Click here to find out more.